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L.S. Starrett has been producing world class machinist's tools in the United States for over 130 years. That tradition carries on today with five plants in the United States and four international locations.



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Whenever you need to make a critical measurement, precision tools made by "The World's Greatest Toolmaker", are your answer. Their micrometers, digital calipers, dial calipers, machinist levels, height gages and dial indicators are the standard for quality.



We have great prices on the entire line of Starrett Precision Tools.

Starrett makes the right precision machinist's tool for your application. Whether you need a combination square, precision scale, straight edge, protractor, depth gage or gage blocks, Starrett makes them & Manson Tool offers the best value.


Bondhus- ball drivers, hex Keys, allen wrenches, torx keys
Carr Lane- hoist rings, alignment pins, clamps, handles, knobs, bushings
Destaco- clamps, hold down, toggle, push pull, vertical hold down
Fullerton- carbide end mills
Helicoil- thread repair kits, threaded inserts, automotive thread repair kits.
Morse Cutting Tools-drills, taps, end mills, slotting saws
Onsrud Cutter - production routers & cutters for aircraft, woodworking and plastic industries
Starrett Jobsite Tools- levels, tape measures, utility knives
Starrett Precsion Tools-dial indicators, dial calipers, electronic calipers, gages, micrometers, shop supplies
Starrett Saw Division- band saw blades, reciprocating blades, sawzall blades, jig saw blades, hacksaw blades, hole saws
Vlier Engineering / Barry- spring loaded plungers, leveling devices, ball plungers
Webber Gage Division- gage blocks


Starrett 799A-6/150- $109.95

Helicoil 5401-4 - $42.93

Destaco 602 - $14.50

Starrett KTX34-16-N - $7.33

Starrett 3202-6 - $78.95