5401-05 Helicoil Thread Repair Kit 5-40

5401-05 Helicoil Thread Repair Kit 5-40

Code: 5401-05



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Product Description


Helicoil Thread Repair Kit

General Information
Product Family: Repair Kit
Part Number:  5401-05
Description: Heli-Coil Professional Thread Repair Kit



Thread Size 5-40
Short Insert 1185-05CN125
Medium Insert 1185-05CN188
Long Insert 1185-05CN250
Drill #29
Tool 7551-05
Tang Removal 3/32
Tap 05CPB


  • Heli-Coil inserts are available in thread repair kits and sets for repairing tapped holes which have been stripped or damaged due to wear, corrosion and over-torque. They are available in inch, metric, spark plug and pipe thread series.
  • All kits have a quantity of inserts, the proper size drill, high speed steel Heli-Coil tap and an installation tool. Also included in smaller size kits a tang removal tool and quantities of three lengths of inserts.


Heli-coil Inserts provide a
positive means for protecting and
strengthening tapped threads in any
material. The unique design features
of the insert offer many benefits.

  • Stronger Assemblies
    Tapped threads are strengthened
    because the inherent flexibility
    of the insert provides a more
    balanced distribution of dynamic
    and static loads throughout the
    length of thread engagement.
    This flexibility also compensates
    for variation in lead and angle
    error allowing each coil to carry
    its share of the load.
  • No Thread Wear
    Thread life is dramatically
    increased even after repeated
    assembly and disassembly
    because the insert hardness
    and surface finish practically
    eliminate erosion of the
    thread form due to friction
  • Corrosion Resistance
    Under normal environmental
    conditions, Heli-Coil inserts
    minimize galvanic action
    within the threaded assembly
    because of their superior
    corrosion resistance.
  • Design Flexibility
    Bolt tensile strength can be
    balanced against parent material
    shear strength, assuring bolt
    failure rather than parent
    material damage. Five insert
    lengths are available in each
    thread size.
  • Eliminate Stress
    Virtually no stress is introduced
    into the parent material
    because there is no staking,
    locking, swaging or keying inplace the outward spring-like
    action of the insert holds it in
  • Minimize Space & Weight
    Heli-Coil inserts allow use of
    smaller bosses, flanges and
    fasteners than any other insert.
    Heli-Coil inserts can generally
    be incorporated in existing
    designs, where no provision
    has been made for an insert,
    without increasing boss size.
  • Minimize Total Cost
    Cost savings abound. Lower
    insert cost, lower installation
    cost and Heli-Coil inserts
    provide design flexibility by
    allowing a wide choice of
    parent materials while
    maintaining maximum
    threaded assembly strength.
  • True Clamping Torque
    Maximum clamping action and
    bolt tension are assured with
    minimum wrench torque because
    of the mirror-smooth surface
    finish of Heli-Coil inserts.
  • Wide Temperature Range
    Heli-Coil stainless steel inserts
    can be used in temperatures
    ranging from 320F to +800F.
  • Quality & Reliability
    Stringent Quality Assurance
    and Engineering Standards are
    rigidly enforced in all phases of
    the manufacturing process.
    This assures integrity of your
    product design.


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