Bimetal Variable Pitch Hole Saws

Bimetal Variable Pitch Hole Saws

Deep Cut ™ Variable
Pitch Hole Saws
All Purpose Saws With High
Speed Steel Teeth

The Deep Cut saw combines the tried and tested tooth form from the previous Dual Pitch product, with a new tooth material for enhanced heat and wear resistance. The Deep Cut saw also features an increased hole saw depth of 2" (51mm,) and is ideal for cutting metal of more than 3mm thickness, tubes with a wall thickness of greater than 3mm and wood up to 2" (51mm) thick.

Aggressive material penetration and swarf clearance, removing the need to carry a Constant and Variable Pitch Hole Saw

Constructed of hardened steel and abrasion resisting High Speed Steel Teeth with a tough alloy body and cap

The complete multi-purpose saw with a cutting depth of 51mm for diameters 3/4"-19mm and larger.

Dual Pitch Professional will cut a wide range of materials, regardless of thickness.

Starrett designed tooth geometry resulting in huge improvements in chip flow.

Smooth cut with minimal tendency to bite or snag when cutting thinner gauge materials.