kinescope digital video camera that fits in the palm of your hand

kinescope digital video camera that fits in the palm of your hand

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Product Description



A digital video camera, with precision optics
and LED lighting in a microscope that fits in
the palm of your hand. The KineScope has
40-140X magnification, which lets you zoom
in on the fine details of electronics, product
parts, or anything else too small to see.
Place the KineScope over the object and view
the image on your computer screen instead
of looking into a small eyepiece. Capture
images or video and easily add labels, make
measurements, and draw on the live image.
The KineScope connects to your computer’s
USB port and includes VLink imaging software.


  • View live and captured images on a
    computer screen (or use a computer
    projector for large groups)
    40-140X magnification
  • Completely portable with your laptop
  • Save still images, movies and time lapse
  • Apply labels, markers, time stamps
    and measurement
  • Draw directly on the live image
  • Includes VLink imaging software
  • Image Sensor: ¼" CMOS
  • Pixel Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Power Req. USB Port, 2.0 or greater
  • Minimum Operating System
  • Requirements: Windows 2000,
    XP or Vista with DirectX 8.1 and Pentium
    III 500MH Illumination: Super-Bright LED
  • Field of View:
    At 40X = 7.5 x 10mm
    At 140X = 1.8 x 2.5mm
  • Resolution: 4 microns

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