119  Starrett Bench Blocks ( 4-7/8* diameter )

119 Starrett Bench Blocks ( 4-7/8* diameter )

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Product Description

119 Bench Blocks

The Starrett 119 Bench Block is a good choice for all-around machine
shop and toolroom use when a larger, heavy-duty block is required.
This block weighs five pounds (2.3kg). The base is hex-shaped, so the
block to be held rigidly in a vise. It is made from alloy steel, hardened,
and ground, top and bottom.

The Starrett 129 Bench Block is useful for holding work when driving
pins, drilling, etc. The block is made from steel and is hardened and
ground. A V-groove across the face accommodates round and odd-
shaped stock. The smooth finish helps preserve the finish of the work
being held.
The knurled side provides a good gripping surface, making it easier to
handle. The base is recessed to make it lighter, yet sufficiently strong
to withstand hard usage.

129 & 119 Bench Blocks
Catalog No.
3" (75mm) Diameter x 1-1/2" (38mm) High with Oversize Holes from 1/8-5/8" (3-16mm) Diameter and One V-Groove
4-7/8" (120mm) Diameter x 1-1/2" (38mm) High with Ten Oversize Holes from 1/8-7/8" (3-22mm) Diameter and Two V-Grooves at Right Angles