199Z Starrett Master Precision Level 15 (380mm)

199Z Starrett Master Precision Level 15 (380mm)

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Product Description



Starrett Master Precision Level provides the ability to ensure a level machine setup,

which in turn increases the efficiency of modern, high speed machinery. Master Precision Level, 15? (380mm) .


  • Specially designed to set up, check and test machinery of all types
  • At-a-glance reading of the exact variation of machinery levelness
  • Auxiliary level vial shows lateral position and assists in horizontal setting
  • Level vials are positioned so breakage is reduced to a minimum
  • Fool-proof adjustment
  • Seasoned, machined castings
  • Finished wood case
  • Groove has a special involute design, permitting better centering and greater capacity to handle larger rounds
  • Groove and bearing flats are machined together for maximum accuracy
  • Ground and graduated main vial of 10-second accuracy; one division equals 1/2 thousandth (0.0005) of an inch per foot, or 0.04mm per meter
  • Main vials have seven graduations on each side of the bubble
  • Special alloy iron used to obtain freedom from thermal effects
  • All level bases are made from the finest quality seasoned cast iron and are precision-machined on the reference surface
  • Scraped reference surface


  • Length (in) 15"
  • Length (mm) 380mm
  • Width (in) 1-5/8"
  • Width (mm) 40mm



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