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3814 Starrett Hardness Tester Analog Bench Hardness Tester

3814 Starrett Hardness Tester Analog Bench Hardness Tester

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Product Description


Starrett Analog Bench Hardness Tester

The 3814 Hardness Tester provides reliable
Rockwell Hardness values on all types of
metal and alloys, hard or soft, and in many
shapes. This reliable bench hardness tester
has a high quality casting, is ergonomically
designed for easy operation and is engineered
to ensure accurate results.
It is an ideal basic hardness solution,
economically priced to suit a variety of
lab, workshop, toolroom and inspection
department applications. The 3814 conforms
to ASTM E-18 standard.
The tester is furnished with a diamond
indentor, a 1/16" (1.6mm) ball indentor, three
certified test blocks, four test tables – 5.87"
(149mm) and 2.5" (63.5mm) flat anvils, 5/8"
(15.9mm) spot anvil and a standard vee anvil
– and an accessory case.


  • Ability to handle Rockwell Scales A
    through H and K
  • Stable cast iron construction
  • Ideal basic hardness testing for many
    typical applications
Specifications for 3814 Analog Bench Hardness Tester
Minor Load 10Kgf
Major Load A: 60Kgf, B: 100Kgf, C: 150Kgf
Test Force Application (Dead weight applies test force)
Test Force Control Hydraulic Dashpot System
Results Display Analog – Dial Gage
Throat Depth 6.6" (168mm)
Maximum Test Height 6.69" (169.9mm) **
Unit Height/Width/Depth 30 x 8.5 x 20" (762 x 216 x 508mm)
Unit Weight 267 lb (121kg)