C182 Starrett Steel Protractor 6* (0-180deg)

C182 Starrett Steel Protractor 6* (0-180deg)

Code: C182



Product Description

Starrett Steel Protractor

This protractor has the same type of head as our 19 but it
is designed for draftsmen, civil engineers, and others who
need a protractor that will allow the drawing of any number
of radial lines at any angle through a common center. This is
especially useful for someone in the field who can only carry
a minimum of equipment. Weight is approximately 3 ounces.
To use the protractor, the fulcrum point is pressed into the
drawing at the required center. This is done by removing the
fulcrum point from the hub, pressing it in the drawing, and
then placing the protractor hub over the fulcrum point. The
desired angles can then be laid out.
The fulcrum point can be left in the tool. Press the whole tool
down so that the point penetrates the drawing. (However, this
will make it harder to find the center.)
When not in use, the fulcrum point can be drawn back into
the hub and frictionally held in a safe position
Satin chrome finish for ease of reading and resistance to rust
Furnished with one needle point and one cone point