S423Z Starrett Small  Steel Rules with  Holder

S423Z Starrett Small Steel Rules with Holder

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Starrett Small Steel Rules with Holder
1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1"

This set of five small rules is extremely useful for measurements in confined or hard-to-
reach locations . They are especially suitable for measuring grooves, short shoulders,
recesses, keyways, and in tool and die work . The 4" long holder is well balanced . The rules
are easily inserted in the slotted end of the holder and are rigidly clamped in place by
a slight turn of a knurled nut . Two slots are provided, so the rules can be held at 30º or
45º, either square in a slot or tipped to one side .
Thicknesses up to 1/16" can be clamped in either slot . Rules are made of thin, spring-
tempered steel, with bright finish and highly accurate, photo-engraved
graduations . Each rule is graduated in 32nds of an inch on one side and 64ths on the
reverse .

423 Small Steel Rules with Holder
Catalog No.
Set of 5 Rules with Holder in Attractive, Protective Case
1/4" Rule Only
3/8" Rule Only
1/2" Rule Only
3/4" Rule Only
1" Rule Only
Holder Only
Holder Only