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651A1Z Back-Plunger Dial Test Indicators w/o Deep Hole Attachment 0-100 Dial in Case
651A1Z Back-Plunger Dial Test Indicators w/o Deep Hole Attachment 0-100 Dial in Case
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $367.68

    Starrett Back-Plunger Dial Indicator

    These workhorse back-plunger indicators feature
    AGD (American Gage Design) stem holding
    ?xtures and the great variety of AGD contact
    points. This very versatile indicator series has the
    following features:

    • Smooth and accurate operation due to their
      sturdy, basic design

    • Hardened, stainless steel AGD stem .375"
      (9.5mm) diameter

    • Shank dimension 1/4" (6.3mm) diameter,
      3-3/16" (80mm) long

    • 650 Indicators have a 3" (75mm) deep hole
      attachment that connects directly with the
      main spindle for positive action. Attachment
      is convenient to use when checking
      internal dimensions of a workpiece. When
      not needed, the attachment can be easily
      removed and the hole capped

    • 651 Indicators are identical to the 650
      Series except they cannot accept the deep
      hole attachment

    • Both models have large 1-11/16" (43mm)
      diameter bezels with easy-to-read dial
      numbers and graduations

    • With their .375" (9.5mm) AGD stem
      diameter, the 650 and 651 can be used
      with our 670 Hole Attachment and our 671
      Universal Attachment the .375" (9.5mm)
      AGD stem diameter

    • Adjustable dials to set zero at any point
      opposite the hand

    • Inch reading dials have white faces and
      millimeter reading dials are yellow

    • Three different styles of contact points are
      furnished with each indicator